Uncertain Course II

Material: Bluestone
Size: 18 x 48 x 17 cm
€ 2850


You follow an uncertain course, sometimes get slightly damaged and hope for a safe arrival.

Boat shapes are of all times and all cultures. With these two boats (see also Uncertain Course I) I tried to make a universal shape, not a copy of a real boat, but a shape that you immediately recognize as such.

The sculpture is made of Belgian bluestone, polished to a glossy black. The lines, which refer to the erratic course, are engraved in it and filled with copper paint.

The two sculptures are also very suitable to place as a set of two. But they are not that small, you do need some space.

In this YouTube video you can see a number of phases of the creative process.


Fieke de Roij
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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