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Powerful and clear. Always abstract.

An unending fascination with sculpture and stone

Fieke de Roij, sculptor

The material stone continues to inspire and challenge me, now for more than 25 years. The ever-new quest for sculptures that want to fascinate, not impress.

With my company "Werk in Steen" I have created a place to convey my love for the profession and to offer people the opportunity to discover stone sculpturing for themselves. To achieve this, I organize a varied range of sculpting courses, among other things.

Sculpture course

Discover sculpting and take a course

  •     You create your own sculpture
  •     You broaden your knowledge and skills
  •     You experience the relaxation of effort
  •     You learn to develop and design ideas
  •     You can see how others realize a sculpture
  •     You will surprise yourself

Summercourse sulpting in France

A fully catered summer week. Sculpting in stone, in a beautiful outdoor location in the Haute Marne.

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