To the Other Side (the Boatman)

Material: Blueston and oakwood
Size: 20 x 115 x 23 cm
€ 5750


Boat shapes always stimulate my fantasy. It's about being on the road, finding a destination and the many possibilities of getting around.

This boat shape can evoke multiple associations. You can sail to the other side with it, day and night. But you can also understand it more broadly, as a journey to another world, under the protection of a companion.

The sculpture I made of Belgian bluestone, partly polished to black. It lies on a sturdy oak beam, so you can better see the form. It has a decent size, 115 cm long, so you need some space for it. Bluestone is also suitable for outdoor use, although the shine of the deep black color will eventually disappear.


Fieke de Roij
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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