Hanging and Climbing Fort 1 and 2

Material: Anröchter Grünstein
Size: 20 x 40 x 25 cm per sculpture
€ 4200


In 2017, the municipality of my hometown Utrecht presented various designs for a work of art on Vredenburgplein to the public. This made me think: what would I do if I were inspired by the Vredenburg. I took this as a starting point for the sculpture symposium of DUS (association of Utrecht sculptors).

I was inspired by the history of the square and the castle that once stood there. Not only a positive history, it is also about war and resistance. In search of more information I also came across information about Fort Vredenburg, on Java, built by the Dutch during the colonization.

These sculptures are based on fortress shapes: robust, with thick round corners, walls and stairs. But without the military function. These shapes are conceived for everyday life on the square. Sturdy and tough, they can take a beating. A meeting place where you can sit, climb or hang around against a wall (see illustration).

You can consider these sculptures as a model, but also as an autonomous work of art. They are made of Anröchtergrünstein, a weather-resistant German limestone, and inlaid with copper. That will oxidize outside.


Fieke de Roij
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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